What type of material can be used in a pendant?
Wedding dress lace, satin, and tulle can all be preserved in our jewelry.  Also, material from baby blankets, military uniforms, old shirts or ties, graduation tassels, we've even made jewelry from a dog's favorite stuffed toy!  
How does this work?
You simply order the pieces you would like, and then mail us your material.  When we receive your material we will email you notifying you, and will give you your due out date.  After your order is complete, we will mail it out along with any leftover material or lace.    
I don't want to ruin my wedding dress by cutting it, how can I still have a necklace made?
If you are having your dress altered at all, I suggest asking your seamstress or tailor to save anything they cut off.  (This was how I started this business! After asking my own seamstress to save my lace before know what I would do with it.) If it's after the wedding, or if you don't need alterations (lucky you!) you can usually cut from the underside of your dress.  Most of the time under your dress you will find a wide inseam that can be cut from without making any noticeable changes to the outside of the dress.  
What are the pendants made out of?  I've seen cheaper versions on other sites.
We were the original makers of jewelry using your own wedding dress lace, starting in 2011.  You can read more about that here.  We use a special technique, that Liz came up with, to preserve the lace or material in a waterproof resin.  We also only use sterling silver or 14K gold, these two things combined make for heirloom quality jewelry.  There are now ways to do this using clear bubble stickers over your lace, but we do not believe in treating material that is so sentimental in a way that isn't lasting.  
Since you use resin, is there anything I should expect?
Yes, since it is a liquid resin that hardens clear, you should expect your material to look as it does when wet.  This is usually slightly darker, and with thinner material, slightly transparent.  We have tried to show examples of many different types of lace on our site to show the different outcomes, but if you have any specific questions please email us at liz@thelacestudio.com.  
What is the turnaround time?
Our turnaround time is 14 business days from the day that we receive your material.  Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding U.S. federal holidays. 
I need my order sooner than your 14 business day turnaround time, can you rush it?
Please email us at liz@thelacestudio.com before you order with the date you need them by, and we will try our best to accommodate you.  
I'm not sending in wedding lace, but another type of material that is sentimental to me.  How do I order?
All of the jewelry in the "Custom" sections can be made with any material, even if the example photos are of lace.  If you are sending in a solid piece of material (not lace or tulle) then you do not have to have a background color, since there are no "holes" for the background to show through.  You can choose custom color at checkout.  If you still want to add color to your pendant we will fill the pendant up 1/2 to 3/4ths the way with your solid material, and then the rest let a background color peek through.  
How do I care for my jewelry from The Lace Studio?
We suggest polishing your jewelry from us with a polishing cloth designed for either sterling silver or gold.  These can be found at most big box stores, jewelry stores, or hobby stores.  We DO NOT suggest any liquid solutions as they can damage the resin.  The resin part of your jewelry should only be wiped off with a little water and a soft cloth, like you would clean your sunglasses with.  And, as with any jewelry, care should be taken when swimming, bathing, or showering, taking it off before hand will ensure a longer life for your piece.