About Us

The Lace Studio takes a small piece of any material that is sentimental to you, and preserves it into jewelry that you can wear everyday!  We use a one of a kind, and original technique to encase your material in a waterproof and scratch resistant resin, creating heirloom quality jewelry.

Wondering what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?  Snip a small piece from the underside inseam of your dress without showing any visible cuts from the outside, or ask your seamstress to save any cuttings during alterations.  Even use a piece of your bridesmaid's dress or groom's pocket square as the background behind your lace.

Makes sentimental bridesmaids gifts, as well as for the Mother of the bride, Father of the bride, and Groom!

No lace on your wedding dress?  Silk, satin, and beading can all be used!  Even dried flowers from your bouquet!  Since a liquid resin is used, your material will appear as it does when wet, this is usually slightly darker and shows more in solid material versus lace. 

Baby blankets, christening gowns, your grandfathers favorite flannel shirt, all can be preserved into jewelry!