What To Do With Your Wedding Dress ~ 5 Unique Ideas

Don't let your wedding dress stay hidden away in a closet after the wedding!  You spent good money for that dress, and it serves as one of the most visual memories from your wedding day!  Here are five unique ways for you to transform your dress into an everyday reminder of the day you, and your husband exchanged vows.




1.  Have The Lace Studio preserve a small piece of it into heirloom jewelry that you can wear close to your heart everyday!  You can send The Lace Studio a small piece of your dress, either from alterations, or from an underside inseam of the dress, and they will turn it into beautiful jewelry.  Beading, Lace, Silk, even a piece from the groom's suit or tie can be included. 

2.  You could have the wonderful artists at My Dreamlines sketch your wedding dress into a piece of art.  You upload a few photographs of your wedding dress, and even the groom's suit, and in a little over a week you will receive a beautiful framed piece of art! 

3.  Have Fairy Godmother Creations make a Christening gown, or baby romper from your wedding dress. 


4.  Find a tailor to transform your wedding dress into a date night dress, like Leslie from, And Her Little Dog Too did.  You can read about it on her blog here http://www.andherlittledogtoo.com/2013/06/wedding-dress-make-over-the-reveal.html 

5.  If you aren't the sentimental type, but still want your dress to not go to waste in your closet, donate it!  Brides Across America will take your wedding dress and pass it on to a military bride in need.  It's a great cause and tax deductible! 

What do you think about these ideas?  Did you do something unique with your wedding dress after your wedding?

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