Bridezilla Scarecrow Selfie Contest - Woodstock, Ga


Bridezilla is back!  This is the second year we've participated in the Woodstock, Ga Scarecrow Invasion, not only is it so much fun, but it supports GROW , who do so much for the beautification of Downtown Woodstock!  You can vote for your favorite scarecrow (Bridezilla, of course!) at the Woodstock Visitor Center, which is in the historic Dean's Store, 8588 Main St..  Each $1 donation equals one vote. 

We, at The Lace Studio, are also doing our own contest!  The winner, who will be chosen through a random drawing on November 1st, will win a custom sterling silver necklace that will be made with any material of their choice, an $85 value!  This can be lace from your wedding dress, a piece of a hospital baby cap or blanket, a loved ones favorite old shirt, a military uniform, any material that is sentimental to you. For more information, here is the link

Bridezilla Selfie Contest Rules

That's it! All photo's with #BridezillaSelfie in the caption will be entered into a drawing, and winner will be announced on November 1st, best of luck!

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