The Lace Studio's First Post! How we got started...

How exciting to be writing my first blog post!  I should start by saying I am no blogger, so bear with me ;) I started this business almost 4 years ago on Etsy, which made it easy for me to keep a personal connection with my clients, since Etsy is set up in more of a community platform. So to keep that personal shopping experience going with the new site, I thought I would add a blog! 

The Lace Studio blog will be discussing wedding tips, small businesses, preserving memories, and anything else you are interested in reading about!

How we got started...

The Lace Studio actually used to be named Green Grass Gifts (don't you like the new name better) and was started in 2011.  When I was planning my own wedding I had a hard time finding gifts that were special enough for the people I cared so much for, the standard monogrammed robe or necklace just didn't do it for me. I had asked my seamstress to save any lace she cut off of my wedding gown, because it just didn't feel right to let it go to waste, it was so beautiful!! So, with those two thoughts, and a lot of fine tuning, Green Grass Gifts, now The Lace Studio, was born.

I loved seeing the looks on my loved ones faces when I gave them my own wedding gown lace necklaces, and I love hearing all of the stories of tears and smiles from my clients now. It is an honor to be able to preserve my client's special memories.  I LOVE my job, and being able to work with people around the world, and be a work at home mom still amazes me!

The Lace Studio can use any material, it doesn't have to be lace, and it doesn't have to be from your wedding day, there are all types of material that hold special meanings to us! The resin used is waterproof and scratch resistant. Let us create something special for you! 

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